Scotiabank Registration Requirements

Scotiabank has made setting up your Verified.Me profile as safe, secure and private as possible. They’ve also made it as easy as is reasonable in order to protect your data. The following is what’s required to register for Verified.Me with Scotiabank:


Prerequisites Prior to Registration

An active online banking profile on the Scotiabank website

*Please note that you must have a mobile phone number associated with your account or you will not be permitted to proceed with Verified.Me registration.

First Time Registration Identity Validation Steps

1) You will be prompted to answer one of the security questions you have already selected for your online banking

2) You will also be sent an authentication code via text message to the mobile phone number you’ve chosen to provide

Mandatory Fields for Registration

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth


Primary mobile number

*Please note: if you don’t have a mobile phone number on file, you will be prompted to provide one. You must provide a mobile phone number to proceed with Verified.Me registration.

Registration Completion

1) Once you have a chance to review your basic personal information, you will be given the option to “Agree”, validating the accuracy of your information, or to “Cancel” and leave the registration process entirely.

2) You will be prompted to agree to Scotiabank’s Terms & Conditions.

3) From here, Scotiabank will verify your information. This process may take a few minutes.

You will be notified when verification is complete. Please follow the on-screen prompts to navigate back to Verified.Me. You’re all set!

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