Identity verification for the legal profession

In the legal profession, identification and verification are critical. Lawyers must identify clients for all legal services they provide and verify clients’ identities when providing direction in respect of receiving, paying or transferring funds on behalf of a client.

Yet, identity verification in the legal profession is broken. Existing identification requirements are based on reviewing physical documents in person, creating friction points for legal professionals when dealing with clients, including:


Onerous and inconvenient client experience


Physical processes and resulting liabilities for solicitors, who photocopy and store documents with personal information


Failure to address risks associated with fraudulent identity documents

Introducing Verified.Me

Verified.Me is a digital solution increasing the level of assurance associated with identity authentication and taking the hassle out of the identification and verification process. Verified.Me benefits the industry by:


Increasing public access to legal services


Improving client experience and satisfaction


Preventing fraud

Verified.Me enables lawyers to:


Fulfill obligations under respective client identification rules better than current practices


Better protect the public by implementing and enforcing appropriate regulations consistent with the prevention of fraud and criminal activity, while also maintaining the independence of the bar and protecting solicitor-client privilege;


Increase convenience and create value for clients of legal services


Create value and/or reduce risk for other participants in the legal ecosystem, such as real estate companies


Assurance and authentication: check out our OWI whitepaper on digital ID verification for the legal profession

“Organizations and governments now have another legal and reliable option to get a document signed electronically by clients, consumers or citizens, using identities validated by trusted Canadian organizations, like their financial institution. Verified.Me is a disruptive solution that brings major benefits to those constrained with compliance and regulations in their digital transformation programs,”

– Claude Charpentier, CEO of Notarius


Verified.Me streamlines processes including:

  • Client intake verification and identification,
  • High assurance signatures on documents,
  • Wire transfer and direct deposit verification,
  • And more!

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