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GEM21 – This request is no longer valid. Please try again.

If you receive this error message, please ensure that your device is connected to the internet, wait 20 seconds and try again. If the issue is still not resolved, exit the application, log back in and try again. If there is an error code on the screen, and if you are still experiencing issues, pleas...

GEM22 – Failed License Request

If you receive this error message, it’s likely that you tried an expired QR code or SMS link and may have already consumed the service/promo/offer. If this is the case, the QR code or link doesn’t exist anymore and can’t be used.

GEM23 – Invalid URL

If you received this error message, make sure you are connected to the internet. If you in fact are, please report the invalid URL by filling out our Report a Problem form at

GEM24 – Your Verified.Me profile is no longer active. Please register with Verified.Me to create a new profile.

If you receive this error message, it means that, at some point, your Verified.Me account had been deleted. This is commonly the result of a user requesting from their financial institution that their Verified.Me account be deleted. Simply put, if you see this message, your Verified.Me profile no lo...

GEM25 – Your Verified.Me profile has been moved to another device. We do not currently support having the same profile on multiple devices. If you wish to move your Verified.Me profile back to this device, please register with this device.

For security purposes, users of the Verified.Me service can currently only have a profile on one device. If you are seeing this message, it's likely due to the fact that, at some point, you signed in to your Verified.Me profile on another device, effectively moving it over to that device. If you're ...

GEM26 – Action cancelled because Verified.Me could not find a browser on your device. Please install/enable a browser and try again.

This error message pops up in the rare event that a user does not have any web browser installed on their device and they are trying to visit a webpage from the app. If you are seeing this message, please ensure you have at least one web browser installed on your phone so that you are able to access...

GEM27 – There was a problem carrying out this request. Please try again later.

Receiving this error message means that you have encountered an issue that may have been caused by a number of possible reasons and may just be a temporary bug. If you see this message, we advise that you try the desired action again later. If you are then still experiencing issues, please fill out ...

GEM28 – Unable to recover your profile. If the problem persists please contact *your financial institution*.

If you receive this error message, it means that there are issues with your Verified.Me profile and you need to contact the financial institution which which you created your profile to resolve the issue.

GEM29 – Unable to recover your profile to this device.

Receiving this error message likely suggests that you had created your Verified.Me profile with one device and then installed the app on another device - trying to recover your profile on the new device - but the new device settings does not meet the minimum requirements to run Verified.Me.

GEM30 – *Your Connection* encountered an issue: *Issue description from your Connection*.

This error message displays when a user attempts to add a new Connection but is unable to do so due to some kind of error on the Connection's end. The precise issue may vary and will be autopopulated at the end of the error message, depending on the situation. If you see this message, we advise that...