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081 – I am pleased with my experience using Verified.Me to help verify my identity online. How do I now upgrade to the best experience?

While sometimes also available for use on webpages, the Verified.Me mobile app, supported on iOS (10+) and Android (5+) smartphones, offers the best Verified.Me experience. Download the app for free* from the App Store or Google Play and begin to build your profile for streamlined experiences when a...

082 – Why am I asked if I want to use Verified.Me when accessing certain services on the web?

Certain service providers in the Verified.Me network may offer the option on their webpages for consumers to access their services and products via Verified.Me. This is simply an additional option available for consumers to expedite these processes in a private and secure way and is being offered as...

085 – How do I verify my identity using my government photo ID?

Looking for more information on how to verify your identity using your government-issued photo ID? Visit our support section for Document Verification Services by Verified.Me here.

086 – What is Document Verification Services by Verified.Me?

The Document Verification Service is associated with the Verified.Me digital identity service, but operates separately as an independent service. It is operated by Verified Identity Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SecureKey Technologies.

087- Why I am returning back to the service organization home page or seeing a blank white page after I have completed the authentication flow using the Verified.Me app?

Please use your default mobile  browser with the Verified.Me app when you are starting the identity verification process on the organization’s website. On iOS or Android, you may be redirected back to the service organization’s home page or see a blank white page if you do not use your defaul...

084 – What is Government Sign-In by Verified.Me?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a secure, private and convenient way to sign into online government services. Instead of having to create and manage a new user ID and password, you can gain access by signing in with your online banking credentials from a Trusted Sign-In Partner – an approved di...

083 – How do I access government services using my bank credentials?

Looking for more information on how to quickly access participating government services using your online bank or other participating "Sign-In Partner" credentials? Visit our support section for Government Sign-In by Verified.Me here.