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061 – I am an Android user, and all of a sudden I got this error message in the application: “The Verified.Me app URL settings need adjusting”. What do I do?

Sometimes your smartphone may prevent the Verified.Me application from opening a link and force open the native browser instead. Simply follow the steps on your smartphone screen to adjust the settings and prevent this from happening in the future. First, make sure you have the Verified.Me app in...

062 – I have received an error stating that my JavaScript function must be enabled in my browser settings so that the page will display properly. What do I do?

Your JavaScript function must be enabled in order for pages to display properly. If you are receiving this error, you will have to enable JavaScript in your device’s browser settings in order for the Verified.Me app to function normally.

063 – Why does Verified.Me use Blockchain technology?

SecureKey and our network participants are advocates of a network approach to digital identity with security, privacy, trust and resiliency; building our service – Verified.Me – on Hyperledger Fabric allowed us to meet those requirements. As a permissioned blockchain, the Hyperledger Fabric is an es...

064 – Does checking my credit score through Verified.Me affect my credit score?

No. One of the key benefits of Verified.Me is free access to your Equifax credit score with no impact to your credit score.

065 – How often is my credit score updated when I check it through Verified.Me?

Your credit score is calculated each time it is requested by an authorized party when you are seeking a loan, or other permitted activity. Your free Equifax credit score accessed through Verified.Me will be updated every 30 days. You can come back any time to review your most-recent score. Look for ...

066 – Is the credit score I receive through Verified.Me the same as the credit score I’ll receive from other providers?

It's possible that you'll receive a different credit score from another provider. There are two main credit bureaus in Canada (Equifax®, TransUnion®) that collect personal and credit information and use that information at a particular point in time, to calculate credit scores. There are diffe...

067 – Who do I contact if I have a question about my credit score?

Your credit score is provided by Equifax Canada. If you have any questions or concerns about your credit score, please contact them at 1-800-465-7166

068 – What do I do if during registration I get an error about my phone number on my RBC profile?

Before starting the registration process with RBC, please ensure you have the RBC mobile banking app on your phone and have set up your online banking profile. Please note that your mobile device must be added to your banking profile and marked as your primary device. If not, you will not be allowed...

069 – What is the process for setting up my Verified.Me profile and what information do I need?

Please click on the financial institution with which you want to create your profile to learn what is required to create a Verified.Me profile with them. BMO CIBC Desjardins RBC Scotiabank TD

070 – When looking at my transaction history in the app, I am seeing the label of “Unknown” in some cases. How come?

If you reset the Verified.Me app on your device or move your profile over to another one, you may see these “Unknown” labels for transactions performed prior to a recent update that the service underwent. All transactions made after this update should be labeled with the appropriate entity name....