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051 – How do I reset the Verified.Me app?

If you can no longer log in or use the app, you can easily reset it and start from scratch. To reset the Verified.Me app, go to “Settings” in the app, then tap on “Support” and you will see the “Reset App” option. Tap on this option to reset the app. Please note that you will need to sign up or lin...

052 – I see transactions on my Verified.Me activity log that I did not perform or authorize. What should I do?

If you become aware of activity with your Verified.Me profile that you have not performed, please contact your financial institution immediately and report the activity as unauthorized.

053 – Verified.Me tells me my profile has been recovered to another smartphone, but I didn’t request or authorize this recovery. What should I do?

Please contact your financial institution immediately and report the unauthorized recovery event.

054 – I received an alert/notice from my financial institution that a Verified.Me profile has been created, but I didn’t create one. What should I do?

Please contact your financial institution immediately and report the unauthorized Verified.Me profile creation. Your financial institution will be able to delete the unauthorized profile and assist you with any other necessary steps.

055 – I was a victim of a phishing attack and my login credentials at my financial institution may be compromised. Does this mean my Verified.Me profile is compromised?

Please contact your financial institution immediately and report the phishing attack. Your financial institution will assist you in taking any necessary actions required. If you are concerned about any privacy issues relating specifically to Verified.Me, please contact the Chief Privacy Officer at ...

056 – I received an email from Verified.Me with instructions to log on to a Verified.Me site with my bank credentials. Is this legit?

Verified.Me does not have your email address and will never send you unprompted emails or text messages. If you receive an unprompted email or text message, do not click any links or forward the messages on. These messages are likely phishing attempts and are not real. SecureKey’s services are, a...

057 – Who are all involved in Verified.Me and what is each entity’s role in the network?

Verified.Me is a network solution for digital identity involving multiple participants working together to assist SecureKey in the operation of the Verified.Me service for eligible individuals wishing to conduct business in Canada. The network underlying the Verified.Me service is operated and fa...

058 – Why do I see Mobile Verification Services enabled in my activity log?

After you have created your profile, Verified.Me enables Mobile Verification Services offered by EnStream, the authorized agent of your mobile service provider, to simplify any future transactions you agree to. No personal information has been shared with EnStream or your mobile service provider dur...

059 – How do I change the language of the app?

Changing the language of the Verified.Me app can only be done by setting your language preference in your device's Settings menu and cannot be done from within the app. The app currently supports both English and French.

060 – I am an iPhone (iOS) user, and all of a sudden I was redirected to a browser instead of the Verified.Me application page. Why did this happen?

Sometimes your smartphone may prevent the Verified.Me application from opening a link and force open your native browser instead. Simply follow the steps on your smartphone screen to adjust the settings and prevent this from happening in the future. First, make sure you have the Verified.Me app i...