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031 – How do I delete my Verified.Me profile and disconnect from this service?

If you delete your Verified.Me profile, you will no longer be able to log in, access Connections or view your transaction history. Deleting your Verified.Me profile does not impact your personal information at any of your Connections or the places you have shared it through the Verified.Me service. ...

032 – When my personal information is shared with an organization (with my consent), how long does that organization keep it for?

Once you have consented to share your personal information with an organization, it falls under their data retention policies.

033 – How many financial institutions can I sign up with at the same time?

At this time, Verified.Me only supports the use of one financial institution per user profile.

034 – What do I need to sign up to use Verified.Me?

To sign up with Verified.Me in the mobile app, you'll need a smartphone running iOS (10+) or Android (5+) and an eligible account with one of the following institutions: BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, Scotiabank or TD. An eligible account means that you have an active deposit account (i.e. chequing/sav...

035 – Who can use Verified.Me?

Verified.Me is currently intended for use by Canadian residents only who have registered with a Canadian financial institution. You can learn more in our Terms and Conditions at

036 – Can I sign up for Verified.Me if I have a joint account?

Yes, joint profiles are supported when: 1. Each person on the account has a unique login profile, and 2. Unique personal information (name, date of birth, etc.) for that login. For example, Bruce Smith and Sheila Smith share a joint account. Sheila has her own login username and password, and...

037 – Does Verified.Me support the use of business bank accounts?

Currently, only personal banking accounts are eligible for Verified.Me.An eligible account means that you have an active deposit account (i.e. chequing/saving), credit card or loan account and you are registered for online banking. Please note, eligible accounts may vary by financial institution.

038 – How do I recover my information within the Verified.Me app?

If your profile is in an active state (e.g., not suspended and not deleted), you may be able to restore your profile to a new smartphone. 1. Download the app on the new smartphone. 2. Launch the Verified.Me app and tap on "I have a Verified.Me profile". 3. Follow the instructions provided to rest...

039 – Can I enroll multiple devices with the same Verified.Me profile?

At this time, Verified.Me supports a single device per user profile. If you're using the mobile app, you can only have a profile on one device. When using the web-based version of the service, you will be prompted to complete transactions you have started via web browser on the mobile device on whic...

040 – Can Verified.Me access my financial institution account information?

The Verified.Me service has no access to your financial institution account information. Visit our Privacy Notice for more information on how we use your information: