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021 – How do I remove personal information in the app?

Your personal information is not stored in the Verified.Me app. Your information resides with your trusted Connections and with the trusted service providers with which you have chosen to share it. If you want to disconnect certain information from your Verified.Me profile, you can remove the Connec...

022 – How do I sign into my Verified.Me profile?

To access your Verified.Me profile in the mobile app:1. Launch the Verified.Me app.2. Tap "Take Me to ".3. Authenticate with your financial institution.4. After successful authentication, the Verified.Me app Home screen will be displayed.

023 – I received an error message when trying to share my information. How do I fix this?

If something's going wrong when you try to share your information, please consult our list of error messages at If you are receiving an error not outlined here or need additional support, please complete the Report a Problem form or contact us at 1-844-778-540...

024 – I lost my smartphone with the Verified.Me app installed. What should I do?

If you lose your smartphone—or get a new one—don't worry. Your Verified.Me profile is not stored on your smartphone and the service can not be accessed without logging into your financial institution. You can install a new Verified.Me app on your new smartphone and transfer your profile to it. The V...

025 – Why am I being asked to verify my phone number?

Some organizations may request information about your smartphone. If you authorize a transaction requesting this information, it will come from your telecommunications provider.

026 – Can I install a new Verified.Me app on a new smartphone and transfer/recover my existing Verified.Me profile to the new smartphone? If so, how?

If your profile is in an active state (e.g., not suspended and not deleted), you may be able to restore your profile to a new smartphone. 1. Download the app on the new smartphone. 2. Launch the Verified.Me app and tap on "I have a Verified.Me profile". 3. Follow the instructions provided to rest...

027 – How do I know what information I have to share with a service?

The Verified.Me app, in most cases, will display the details of the information sharing request and wait for your consent to share your information from your chosen trusted Connection with a service. It will also give you the opportunity to review and confirm that your information is accurate and up...

028 – Which devices support Verified.Me?

The Verified.Me mobile app is supported on iOS (10+) and Android (5+) smartphones. Please note that the app doesn’t support tablets or the preview editions of the Android OS. The web-based version of the service, which is an available option with participating service providers, can be used on an...

029 – Why do I have to log in again after a certain time?

For your protection, you will be asked to authenticate with your financial institution each time you open the Verified.Me app and also after a period of inactivity.

030 – How do I provide feedback on the service?

To provide your thoughts about the Verified.Me service, you can send your comments to