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011 – Where is this service available (provincial, national, international)?

As of today, Verified.Me is available across Canada. The Verified.Me app does not impose geographic restrictions on where the user can use the app. However, the Verified.Me app only communicates with Canadian organizations and services.

012 – What can I use Verified.Me for?

You can use your Verified.Me profile to help verify your identity online, in person or over the phone(1) to sign up for new services and get things done quickly and securely. Once you’ve set up your Verified.Me profile, you'll be able to see where you can use it in the app. You'll also be able to...

013 – Where is Verified.Me accepted?

To find out where Verified.Me is accepted visit: In the future, you will be able to use Verified.Me in many places — including in apps and on participating websites.

014 – Where can I find the Verified.Me Privacy Notice?

Please visit our Privacy Notice here:

015 – What is a trusted Connection?

Your trusted Connections have personal information about you through existing services and products you have with them. Once you've connected to them on Verified.Me, you can authorize them to share that information through the Verified.Me service to help you verify your identity and eligibility for ...

016 – What are the smartphone requirements? And are there any limitations?

The Verified.Me mobile app is supported on iOS (10+) and Android (5+) smartphones. Please note that the app doesn’t support tablets or the preview/beta editions of iOS and Android. The web-based version of the service, which is an available option with participating service providers, can be used...

017 – Why am I asked to select a financial institution (FI)?

In order to complete your enrollment and begin using the Verified.Me service, you’ll need to have an active and eligible online bank account with a participating financial institution.   Once you have signed in, you will be presented with the personal information your financial institution will m...

018 – Does Verified.Me have access to or store my financial institution (FI) login?

Your trusted Connections, such as your financial institution, have your personal information through your existing services with them. Since it is your personal information, Verified.Me allows you to review the displayed information before providing consent to share it. Verified.Me has no access to ...

019 – How do I add a trusted Connection to my Verified.Me profile?

Watch our How-To Video to learn how to add a trusted Connection. Or follow the simple steps below. To add a Connection: 1. Look for "My Connections" on the Home screen or tap on "Me" at the bottom of the screen. 2. On the "Me" screen, tap on the plus (+) sign or "Add Connections" to add a n...

020 – How do I update personal information in the app?

Your personal information is not stored in the Verified.Me app. To update, please contact the network participant that holds your information, such as your financial institution.