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What is Verified.Me?
Verified.Me is a safe and legitimate digital identity service offered by SecureKey Technologies Inc. that helps verify your identity to enable access to Costco Digital Membership services. Verified.Me connects trusted sources that Costco members already have and use, like a financial institution, that can help verify their identities with Costco. Verified.Me is a trusted and legitimate network supported by Canada’s leading brands.

Why does Costco use Verified.Me?
Using the Verified.Me service allows Costco members to quickly access Costco Digital Membership services in a convenient, secure and private way. No need for in person visits to complete your membership verification: you just use the personal information that you have already consented and provided to your financial institution to verify your identity, gaining quick access to the Costco Membership services.

Why does Costco ask me to verify my identity?
To access your Digital Membership Card, or other Digital Membership services, Costco members need to verify their identity before granting access. Originally, the verification process was completed by an in-person visit or by answering knowledge-based questions. Now, once verified with Verified.Me, you can use your Digital Membership Card, sign up for auto renewal and renew your membership online all from the comfort of your own home.

How does Verified.Me keep my personal information safe?
The Verified.Me service uses strong, leading-edge technology with bank-grade security and protection to help protect your personal information from being identified, accessed or misused. Verified.Me has no access to the credentials you use to log in and your personal information is not stored by Verified.Me. You always stay in control by choosing when to share your information and with whom. Costco won’t know the name of the financial institution you are using to verify your personal information with and the Verified.Me network won’t be exposed to your personal information.

Are there any additional costs to using Verified.Me?
No. The use of the Verified.Me web service and download of the Verified.Me app are free. Data rates may apply.

I don’t want to use Verified.Me to verify my identity with Costco. Is that still possible?
Yes. The in-person verification process is still available to members. Simply visit the Membership Counter at your local Costco warehouse.

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