066 – Is the credit score I receive through Verified.Me the same as the credit score I’ll receive from other providers?

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It’s possible that you’ll receive a different credit score from another provider.

There are two main credit bureaus in Canada (Equifax®, TransUnion®) that collect personal and credit information and use that information at a particular point in time, to calculate credit scores.

There are different types of credit scores that credit bureaus generate and they can be used for different purposes. The credit score you may receive directly from the Equifax.ca website and the credit score you receive through Verified.me are both owned and provided by Equifax. These two credit scores differ slightly based on the weighting of the different credit factors but are both an accurate representation of your current credit standing.

The scores provided by Equifax for use in this program are for your information and educational purposes only, no one else will see or have access to them.

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