063 – Why does Verified.Me use Blockchain technology?

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SecureKey and our network participants are advocates of a network approach to digital identity with security, privacy, trust and resiliency; building our service – Verified.Me – on Hyperledger Fabric allowed us to meet those requirements. As a permissioned blockchain, the Hyperledger Fabric is an essential component in delivering services that also comply with regulations where data protection and confidentiality matter.

Permissioned blockchain was the natural choice for the Verified.Me service. Although the Verified.Me service will be cross-industry and collaborative, it’s still important to control who participates in the network and validation process. Blockchain – in this case Hyperledger Fabric – sets the foundation on which modern digital identities can grow with security, privacy and trust.

Check out this video to learn more: https://youtu.be/nyqhytBYQCc

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