057 – Who are all involved in Verified.Me and what is each entity’s role in the network?

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Verified.Me is a network solution for digital identity involving multiple participants working together to assist SecureKey in the operation of the Verified.Me service for eligible individuals wishing to conduct business in Canada.

The network underlying the Verified.Me service is operated and facilitated by the Network Owner, SecureKey Technologies Inc. In order to help ensure Verified.Me is as safe, private and useful as possible, the service is also supported by a variety of other parties called Network Participants. Network Participants include Identity & Data Providers (including participating Financial Institution IDPs, or “Service Hosts”, and other IDPs, or “Connections”) and Relying Parties (RPs, or “Service Providers”).

The easiest way to understand how these participants interact with you on Verified.Me is to think of Connections as the source or provider of your information, whereas Service Providers operate as the destination that receives your information with your consent in order to complete interactions with you.

For more detailed information on each type of network participant, please visit https://verified.me/participants.

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