048 – Can I install a new Verified.Me app on a new smartphone and transfer my existing Verified.Me profile to the new smartphone?

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If your profile is in an active state (e.g., not suspended and not deleted), you may be able to restore your profile to a new smartphone.

1. Download the app on the new smartphone.
2. Launch the Verified.Me app and tap on “I have a Verified.Me profile”.
3. Follow the instructions provided to restore your Verified.Me profile to your smartphone.

Restoring your profile will allow you to access your Activity Log on the new smartphone, showing your previous activity details. However, you may be required to re-establish some or all of your Connections. The Verified.Me service currently supports one profile on a single smartphone. This means that once you successfully restore your Verified.Me profile to a new smartphone, you will no longer be able to access your profile on the other smartphone.

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