021 – How do I remove personal information in the app?

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Your personal information is not stored in the Verified.Me app. Your information resides with your trusted Connections and with the trusted service providers with which you have chosen to share it. If you want to disconnect certain information from your Verified.Me profile, you can remove the Connection that holds that information from your profile.


To stop using the Verified.Me service entirely, you can delete your Verified.Me profile view. Click here to learn how.

To delete a connection:

1. Open the Verified.Me app.

2. Authenticate with your financial institution.

3. Once you have successfully logged into Verified.Me, look for “My Connections” on the Home screen or tap on “Me” at the bottom of the screen.

4. Verified.Me will display the “Me” screen, where you can review your existing Connections. Tap on the Connection you would like to delete from your profile.

5. Verified.Me will display the “Connection Details” screen. Tap on the garbage bin icon at the top of the screen.

6. Confirm that you want to delete that Connection from your profile by tapping “Delete”.
Please note that, for your protection, you may be asked to re-authenticate with your financial institution before the action can be completed.

7. From this point, Verified.Me will process and complete the request.

8. Once the request has been completed, you will be returned to the “Me” screen. The Connection you selected and related information to will no longer be available for use through Verified.Me.

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