How it Works

Verified.Me is the new way to help you verify your identity, so you can get things done fast online, in person and on the phone.1

Verified.Me helps you verify your identity quickly and securely from any iOS or Android smartphone, using personal information that you consent to share from your Connections. Verified.Me reduces oversharing – you choose when and with whom you want to share your personal information. You are always in control.

Each organization involved in the Verified.Me service plays a certain role. To learn more about the Verified.Me network participants:

How is Verified.Me Safe?

You trust your financial institution

Verified.Me was developed by SecureKey Technologies Inc. and our innovation partners with strong security protocols and Triple Blind® capabilities at the core.

You’re in control!

You’re in control! You choose which network participants to connect with and when, where and why they use your personal information. This means your information is only shared with your consent for a specific purpose.

Your encrypted information is made available in real-time

Your encrypted information is made available in real-time and shared directly from your Connections when you approve it. Your personal information is not copied or stored in the Verified.Me app.

Verified.Me has no access to your personal information or financial institution login details

Verified.Me uses strong security protocols to protect personal information from being identified, accessed or misused. Verified.Me has no access to the credentials you use to log in to your financial institution.

How Does Verified.Me Help Me?

Save time

Save time – No need to compile documents or go in person to register for services or products. With Verified.Me, you can use the information held by your trusted Connections to quickly get the access you need.

You’re in control

You’re in control – Reduce oversharing information about yourself! Conveniently manage where, when and why your information is shared through the Verified.Me service — only ever with the participating service providers you choose.

It’s free

It’s free – You don’t have to pay for downloading or using Verified.Me (data rates may apply).

Where Can I Use Verified.Me?

Sun Life

How Do I Enroll in Verified.Me?

Download the app

Download the app – Get Verified.Me for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Enroll with your financial institution (FI)

Select your financial institution (FI) – After launching the app, you’ll be asked to select a financial institution with which you have an active and existing online banking relationship and be directed to their mobile app or website, where you’ll be asked to authenticate yourself using your online and mobile banking credentials and confirm the accuracy of your profile information. 


Add connections

Add Connections – You’ve already created your first Connection through your FI. Add more Connections from within the app with services and products of your choice.

Use Verified.Me

Use Verified.Me – Look for the Verified.Me logo with participating organizations and follow the in-app instructions to help verify your identity quickly and securely.

Looking to learn more about Verified.Me? Download our brochure.

Learn more about consumer digital identity leveraging blockchain

We produced a whitepaper to summarize a research program we’ve been working with DIACC on, while developing Verified.Me.

1Some features are not yet available.

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