Consumer Support

For problems using your Sign-In Partner credentials, contact your Sign-In Partner’s help desk for assistance.

Example problems:

  • My password is failing
  • I forgot my password
  • I lost my bank card
  • I don’t know answers to my security questions

Affinity Credit Union – 1-800-603-6414
ATB Financial – 1-800-332-8383
BMO – 1-877-225-5266
CIBC – 1-800-465-2422
Conexus Credit Union – 1-800-667-7477
Coast Capital – 1-888-517-7000
DesJardins – 1-800-224-7737
L’Alliance des Caisses populaires de l’Ontario –

National Bank of Canada – 1-888-483-5628
RBC – 1-800-769-2511
Scotiabank – 1-800-472-6842
Servus Credit Union – 1-877-378-8728
Simplii Financial – 1-888-723-8881
Tangerine – 1-888-826-4374
TD – 1-866-222-3456
UNI Financial Cooperation – 1-877-722-2343
Vancity – 1-888-826-2489

For all other issues contact Our Government Sign-In by Verified.Me Helpdesk:

Help desk (available 24/7): 1-855-433-5397
TTY Service: 1-855-224-1714

Browser Compatibility

Browsers: IE 11 and above, Microsoft Edge, All latest version of Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported

Frequently Asked Questions about Government Sign-In by Verified.Me

1. What is Government Sign-In by Verified.Me?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me offers you a convenient way to access government services. Instead of creating and managing a new User ID for accessing government services, you access them by signing in with your online bank, or other participating “Sign-In Partner”. Once you sign in with your Sign-In Partner, you are returned to the government service. No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged during this process.

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a commercial service operating independently of the Sign-In Partners and the Government of Canada.

2. What is the difference between Government Sign-In by Verified.Me and Verified.Me?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a secure, private and convenient way to sign into online government services. Instead of having to create and manage a new user ID and password, you can gain access by signing in with your online banking credentials from a Trusted Sign-In Partner – an approved digital credential that you already know and trust. Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is built with Triple Blind® capabilities at its core, meaning no party in the service – financial institution, government service or network operator – knows from where or to where you are signing in. The service operates separately from Verified.Me. The service was formerly known as SecureKey Concierge, but was rebranded to reflect the umbrella of digital identity tools offered by SecureKey Technologies Inc.
Verified.Me, by SecureKey Technologies Inc., is a blockchain-based digital identity verification network that helps verify your identity with the online services of your choice, including financial services, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies and more. Verified.Me helps verify your identity using personal information that you consent to share from your Connections, like your financial institution, with service providers you want to transact with. This means you can securely and conveniently access the services you want – wherever you are. Your personal information is only ever shared with your explicit consent for a specific purpose. Verified.Me was developed in collaboration with seven of Canada’s major financial institutions – BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, RBC, Scotiabank and TD.


3. What are the benefits of using Government Sign-In by Verified.Me to access government services?

By using a Sign-In Partner, you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of signing in with a trusted brand. Government Sign-In by Verified.Me frees you from adding yet another User ID to the list of online credentials that you need to manage.

4. How does Government Sign-In by Verified.Me protect my information?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me acts as an information filter between government services and Sign-In Partners. By brokering the connection, Government Sign-In by Verified.Me ensures that no government service knows which Sign-In Partner you are using, and that no Sign-In Partner knows which government service you are accessing.

The only information your Sign-In Partner supplies to Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is a randomly generated number created on your first use of the system and returned to Government Sign-In by Verified.Me with each subsequent use of the system. No passwords or personal information (i.e.: name, address, date of birth, etc.) are exchanged during this process. For more details about how Government Sign-In by Verified.Me uses your information, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

5. Who can use this service?

Anyone who uses the online services offered by one or more of our Sign-In Partners can benefit from the service.

6. How do I use the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me service to sign in to participating government services websites?

When visiting a government services website that offers the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me service, you will see the option to sign in using one of the sign-in partners listed.

Note: The first time you sign in using Government Sign-In by Verified.Me, you will be asked to either accept or decline the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Notice. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Notice, you will be directed to the government services website.

7. Can I change Sign-In Partners?

Yes. You can change your Sign-In Partner at any time. However, some government services require you to complete identity proofing questions when you use a new Sign-In Partner.

8. Is there a way to change Sign-In Partners without having to re-enroll in the government service?

Yes. By using the “Switch My Sign-In Partner” link, you will be guided through the process of switching from one Sign-In Partner to another.

9. Can I access multiple government services with one Sign-In Partner?

Yes, you can use the same Sign-In Partner to access any number of government services that offer the option of using Government Sign-In by Verified.Me.

10. Can I use different Sign-In Partners for different government services?

Yes, you can use multiple Sign-In Partners.

11. Can I use Government Sign-In by Verified.Me if I already have an existing government-issued user ID and password?

Yes. Using Government Sign-In by Verified.Me means that you don’t have to remember or manage a variety of user IDs and passwords as your “login credentials.” Simply use the user ID and password that you frequently use to log in to your chosen Sign-In Partner.

12. What if I don’t deal with any of the Sign-In Partners listed?

If you don’t currently use any of the Sign-In Partners listed, you will need to check if the government service you are trying to access offers an alternative way to sign-in. You can also check back later, as the list of trusted Sign-In Partners supported by Government Sign-In by Verified.Me is always growing.

For the most recent sign-in partner list click here.

13. What if I change the User ID and password for my Sign-In Partner?

If you change your login information, then you must use this new login information to access the online government sites.

14. I forgot my Sign-In Partner’s User ID and/or Password. What should I do?

Contact your Sign-In Partner for assistance.

15. What if I cancel my online banking service?

If you cancel your online access privileges with your bank, you will no longer be able to access the online government site using your cancelled user ID and password. Only active online banking user IDs and passwords can be used to access this service. You can choose to switch your Sign-In Partner or use any existing login options offered by the participating agencies of the Government of Canada.

16. Does Government Sign-In by Verified.Me support joint accounts?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me does not support joint accounts at this time.

17. I am not able to sign in using my business account. What should I do?

Government Sign-In by Verified.Me does not support sign-in for business accounts at this time.

18. How do I get an online banking (financial institution) username and password to use with this participating services site?

First, you need to register with your financial institution for online banking. Once you’re registered, you can start using your personal bank log-in and password to access secure service sites.

19. My Sign-In Partner knows who I am so why do I still have to provide my basic identity information to enroll in the service?

The Sign-In Partner does not provide any identity information to the Government and simply validates your user name or card number and password.

Each department and agency has a unique registration process. If this is your first time accessing the participating agencies of the Government of Canada’s online government services using a Sign-In Partner, you must identify yourself by providing some personal information.

The same applies to any other participating services.

20. How do I verify my identity with Verified.Me?

Are you looking to gain access to a service provider that has connected to the Verified.Me service and want to learn how to share your personal information in a few easy steps with our Verified.Me app or browser based version?

Visit our support section for Verified.Me.

The Verified.Me service is operated by SecureKey Technologies Inc.

21. How do I verify my identity using my government photo ID?

Looking for more information on how to verify your identity using your government-issued photo ID? Visit our support section for Document Verification Services by Verified.Me here.

22. What is Document Verification Services by Verified.Me?

Document Verification Service is associated with the Verified.Me digital identity service, but operates separately as an independent service. It is operated by Verified Identity Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SecureKey Technologies.

23. How do I stay safe from phishing and fraud?

SecureKey’s services are, at their core, designed to keep you and your information safe and secure. Your privacy is our most important priority. None of the websites or agencies that currently use Government Sign-In by Verified.Me will send you unprompted emails or text messages asking for personal details — and neither will we. To learn more on how to stay safe visit:

24. Glossary of common terms
  • Credentials: Typically, this is your user ID/password combination that you would use to sign in to access services.
  • Sign-In Partner: The list of organizations that have partnered with SecureKey Technologies to offer you the Government Sign-In by Verified.Me service. Sign-In Partners may include financial institutions and telecommunications companies, amongst others.
  • Financial Institution: Commonly referred to as your bank. Financial institutions also represent credit unions, and other banking institutions.

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