Changing the game: Betting on a new standard for identity verification in the gaming industry

The regulated gaming industry in Canada is rapidly growing and providing more online experiences than ever before. With this move to online, platforms are now facing a new wave of digital identity challenges that include account takeover, age and geographic verification and account fraud.

Currently, digital identity for Canada’s regulated gaming industry is manual and siloed, leaving it vulnerable to many digital dangers such as account fraud. In 2017, one in every 20 new account creations in online gaming services was found to be fraudulent (Source: ThreatMetrix). Synthetic identity fraud is used to take advantage of sign-up bonuses and subsequently facilitate activities such artificially driving up jackpots, and chip dumping (also known as “gnoming”), where multiple fake accounts deliberately lose to one specific account.

It’s clear that it’s becoming increasingly important for gaming providers to be able to verify the authenticity of identities and accounts.

Introducing Verified.Me

One approach that satisfies the gaming industry’s need for more strenuous identity verification is SecureKey Technologies’ Verified.Me service. This new digital identity verification service helps strengthen the online safety of gamers and gaming providers alike and can help verify identities and accounts in a timely and secure manner. Through this solution, gaming providers have the ability to:


Detect synthetic account creation and account takeover attempts by requiring institutionally backed identity attributes


Provide returning users with optimized authentication through a single set of credentials, rather than separate credentials for each additional gaming service


Embrace opportunities for innovative digital gaming options while keeping users and institutions safe

Verified.Me improves the gamer experience for gaming providers by:


Allowing the sharing of personal information with strong consent through a web flow to multiple gaming platforms, saving time, money and stress


Ensuring that personal information, including age verification and payment information, is accurate by leveraging trusted sources such as financial institutions


Providing identity attributes without the manual process of scanning documents and speeding up the approval process for smoother onboarding

Where traditional gaming requires gaming providers and services to “overask” for personally identifying information to authenticate gamer information, such as age, location and payment verification, Verified.Me simplifies this process by only requiring verification of the information providers need (i.e. is the gamer over 18? Does the gamer reside in Ontario?). All information is acquired with the gamer’s consent, eliminating the need to store or share copies of sensitive personal information.


Changing the game: check out our OWI whitepaper on digital ID verification in gaming

Verified.Me helps provide assurance that personal information is accurate and genuine by leveraging trusted sources such as financial institutions. This alleviates the time and labour required of gaming providers to conduct verification, reducing administrative costs and overhead.

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