Today’s technology lesson: Verify Student ID 

The landscape for higher education in Canada is rapidly changing, as is the “traditional” student profile and how to verify students. Today’s post-secondary education students are increasingly mid-career, part-time or enrolled in online course offerings. To keep up with this evolving demand, educational institutions are now offering a broader array of services that extend the campus experience to the digital realm.

Currently, identity and access management (IAM) procedures in higher education aren’t enough to effectively manage new student ID verification, faculty and staff demands and expectations. As a result, overtaxed IT departments rely on ad hoc procedures and educational institutions are unable to fully realize the benefits that innovative digital identity solutions can bring.

Beyond the advent of digital programming, educational institutions are also privy to sensitive personal student, faculty and alumni data from income and payment information to disciplinary records, healthcare and insurance information. With educational institutions seeing higher instances of data breaches, the time for real time student ID verification is now.

The education industry needs to collectively set a high standard and guarantee the secure access and exchange of digital data to maintain trust and transparency, while also protecting the student ID verification experience and the educational institutions’ financial health.

Verify Students with Verified.Me

Verified.Me, a new digital identity verification service can help verify students, alumni and faculty in a timely and secure manner, strengthening educational institutions’ ability to expand their digital offerings with confidence – while also providing much-needed cost-savings.

Through this solution, educational institutions have the ability to:

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Streamline access to disparate systems, such as student information, applicant management, alumni, faculty and donor databases, without requiring maintenance of another data silo

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Serve as a trusted source of exclusive and unique personal data attributes, making it simpler to verify graduation, attendance or coursework records for students’ future use

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Provide easily shared and verifiable digital identities to improve in-school and alumni experiences

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Improve institutional security and mitigate the risk of future data breaches and fraud

Ever-changing user roles, numerous siloed functional databases, limited budgets and large populations of students means that faculty, staff, alumni and post-secondary institutional IT administrators face a monumental challenge in effectively utilizing resources.

Verified.Me enables students, alumni, faculty and staff to:

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Verify students easily through a single gateway to multiple disparate legacy systems, eliminating the need for institutions to create their own accreditation or maintain large databases of student information

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Have authoritative means to prove student, alumni and faculty identity for remote access to educational resources

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Navigate through a secure and seamless onboarding process that enhances an effective and efficient experience


Digital ID 101: check out our OWI whitepaper for how to digitally verify students

Verified.Me helps educational institutions get ahead of digital identity security challenges by:

  • Offering a robust mechanism for implementing stronger digital identity processes in the education sector;
  • Adding strong registration and account recovery services that improve student identity verification while reducing operational costs; and
  • Empowering educational institutions to better verify students by efficiently providing more usable, cost-effective and secure access to resources from their first application throughout the rest of their careers.

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