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When consumers are looking for immediate support, the first action they typically take is to reach out to a call centre. Yet one of the biggest pain points that consumers still experience regularly is the frustration associated with call centre identity verification and their inability to meet expectations regarding wait times and resolve issues during the first call.

For organizations, one of the key challenges call centre representatives need to navigate is the inherent difficulty in call centre identity verification to ensure it’s your real customer on the other end of the line. There are inherent flaws in the cell centre identity verification system that call centres use today, resulting in issues such as:

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Long wait times to reach a representative

Icon - question mark. How to verify your identity with knowledge based questions.

The use of knowledge-based questions that can be compromised or difficult for ‘real’ users to answer

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Further wait times as customer service representatives review the user’s file and history

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Calls abandoned by the user or inability of the system to control call volume

Call centres are facing a double-edged sword: how to reduce the possibility of the call centre becoming a channel for digital identity fraud, while at the same time improving the customer experience and maintaining process integrity.

Call Centre Identity Verification Solutions with Verified.Me

Verified.Me is a digital identity solution that, when integrated into an existing call centre, provides the ability for users to share information from a trusted third party to verify their identity and streamline access to support. The service not only improves the efficiency and security of an organization’s call centre operation, it also enables a significant improvement to overall customer experience by reducing “user interrogation” and better call centre identity verfication integrity results.

Verified.Me enables call centre identity verification to:

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Reduce fraud through bank-grade customer verification and security

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Reduce customer friction and cost by eliminating the use of knowledge-based questions

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Reduce cost by shortening customer wait times, both while ‘on hold’ in a queue and while accounts are accessed and reviewed

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Increase overall customer satisfaction through a more efficient method for managing call volume

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Verified.Me streamlines call centre verification best practices:

  • Pre-authenticated callback
  • Two-step verification requests
  • Outbound call centres
  • And more!

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