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Verified.Me, by SecureKey Technologies Inc., is a new Canadian service to help you verify your identity, so you can get things done fast online, in person and on the phone.Verified.Me helps you verify your identity quickly and securely from any iOS or Android smartphone, using personal information that you consent to share from your Connections. You always stay in control by choosing when to share your information and with whom, reducing unnecessary oversharing of personal information in order to access the services you want. The Verified.Me service is protected with strong security protocols to protect personal information from being identified, accessed or misused. Verified.Me uses blockchain technology to securely and privately transfer your personal information to trusted network participants, giving you easy access to the services you want, when you want them.

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Who are the Participants Involved
in the Verified.Me Service provided by SecureKey?

Verified.Me is a network solution for digital identity involving multiple participants working together to assist SecureKey in the operation of the Verified.Me service for eligible individuals wishing to conduct business in Canada.

The network underlying the Verified.Me service is operated and facilitated by the Network Owner, SecureKey Technologies Inc. In order to help ensure Verified.Me is as safe, private and useful as possible, the service is also supported by a variety of other parties called Network Participants. Network Participants include Identity & Data Providers (including participating Financial Institution IDPs, or “Service Hosts”, and other IDPs, or “Connections”) and Relying Parties (RPs, or “Service Providers”).

The easiest way to understand how these participants interact with you on Verified.Me is to think of Connections as the source or provider of your information, whereas Service Providers operate as the destination that receives your information with your consent in order to complete interactions with you.

Network Owner: The Network Owner of Verified.Me is SecureKey Technologies Inc. SecureKey operates the Network to facilitate the sharing of information – but is blind to the source (Connections) or destination (Service Providers) of all transactions. Verified.Me uses strong security protocols to protect personal information from being identified, accessed or misused, and has no access to the credentials you use to log in to your financial institution.

Network Participants: this category includes all participating organizations that a) generate or hold certain information about a user or b) request certain information from a user in order to facilitate interactions on the Verified.Me service:

  • Financial Institution Identity & Data Providers (Financial Institutions, or “Service Hosts”) are seven of Canada’s major financial institutions that are responsible for helping to verify End Users wishing to access the Verified.Me service, and also for hosting the core components of the Network.  To use Verified.Me, you will be required to select a financial institution with which you have an active and existing online banking relationship. Upon initial registration with Verified.Me, and prior to each subsequent use of the service, you will need to authenticate with your financial institution using your login credentials with that organization.
  • Identity & Data Providers (IDPs), or “Connections”, are eligible organizations in Canada that participate in Verified.Me that generate or hold certain information about you. Examples of IDPs include financial institutions, credit bureaus, telecommunications providers and other eligible third parties.
    –  Current IDPs that participate in the Verified.Me network include the Financial Institution IDPs, EnStream and Equifax.
  • Relying Parties (RPs), or “Service Providers”, are eligible organizations in Canada that participate in Verified.Me that ask you to provide certain information through Verified.Me to facilitate interactions with you, for example, to help verify your identity and/or eligibility for product or service offerings. Examples of anticipated Service Providers include financial institutions, telecommunications service providers (e.g., for account opening and service or device eligibility), online merchants (e.g., for hotel bookings) and other eligible Service Providers.
    –  Current Service Providers that participate in the Verified.Me network include Sun Life Financial.


Network Participants

Verified.Me offers a secure and convenient way to help Canadians verify their identities.

Verified.Me is a service offered by SecureKey Technologies Inc. The Verified.Me service was developed in cooperation with seven of Canada’s major financial institutions – BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, National Bank of Canada, RBC, Scotiabank and TD. The Verified.Me network continues to evolve, with plans of adding new identity providers and service providers to make your life easier.

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RBC Royal Bank

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National Bank

What Our Network Participants Say


“Our goal is to accelerate the pace at which we can develop a service to help consumers better manage, protect and control their digital assets and identity, and ultimately provide our customers with greater convenience and a better overall experience. Verified.Me lets us achieve that.” – Andrew Irvine, Head of Commercial Banking and Partnerships, BMO Bank of Montreal

“Forward thinking innovation is key to ensuring our clients have the best possible experience in today’s digital environment. Verified.Me is the type of leading edge technology that protects our clients’ security and privacy in the digital ecosystem.” – Todd Roberts, Senior Vice President, Innovation, CIBC
“Verified.Me will be foundational in delivering a great identity experience for consumers in Canada and also help pave the way at the international level,” – Patrice Dagenais, Vice President, Payment and Business Partnerships for Desjardins Group
“What IBM is building with SecureKey and members of the digital identity ecosystem in Canada will help tackle the toughest challenges surrounding identity. This method is an entirely different approach to identity verification, and together with SecureKey, we have a head start on putting it on the blockchain. Verified.Me is a prime example of the type of innovation permissioned blockchain networks can accelerate.” – Marie Wieck, General Manager, IBM Blockchain
RBC Royal Bank
“Canada has an important opportunity to innovate with emerging technologies like blockchain to advance digital identity in Canada. Verified.Me is the type of solution that will make our clients’ interactions secure and seamless is essential to meeting evolving expectations in a digital world,” – Eddy Ortiz, VP, Solution Acceleration and Innovation, RBC
“Scotiabank is embracing digital technologies like Verified.Me to offer a superior customer experience and to make it easier for customers to bank with us whenever they want and wherever they are. Verified.Me provides Canadian consumers with an easy and secure privacy-enhanced digital ID process.” – Mike Henry, Executive Vice President, Retail Payments, Deposits and Unsecured Lending, Scotiabank
Sun Life Financial
“We are proud to team up with SecureKey to offer an even more simplified online experience. Verified.Me will allow us to streamline and simplify the onboarding process for new Clients by using SecureKey’s permission-based tools and Blockchain security to instantly verify personal information.” – Mark Saunders, Executive Vice-President & Chief Information Officer, Sun Life Financial

“Enabling Canadians to have more control over their online identity is critical as digitally-enabled products and services continue to evolve. Through Verified.Me, SecureKey is building an innovative identity ecosystem that will help our customers to digitally, securely and conveniently verify their identity.” – Rizwan Khalfan, Chief Digital Officer, TD

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